Happy Teacher’s Day
October 5, 2023
SANTS recently had the honour of celebrating the incredible teachers at the Nuwe Hoop School. This special school caters to over 417 learners with disabilities and learning challenges, ranging from Grade RRR to Grade 12. We expressed our heartfelt appreciation to these dedicated teachers for their outstanding work.

Our management team, including Mr. Ryan O’Mahoney (Managing Director), Prof. Ina Joubert (Executive Academic Director), Dr. Eric Eberlein (Academic Head – Work-Integrated Learning), and Mrs. Judite Ferreira-Prevost (Academic Head – Academic Quality Enhancement Unit), joined the SANTS team to make this celebration truly special.

Ms. Melanie Badenhorst, a tourism teacher at Nuwe Hoop in the Further Education and Training phase, shared her thoughts: “Being a teacher is a privilege. I am proud of it every single day. It’s heart-warming to make a difference in someone’s life, especially at our school where learners face many barriers and challenges. Helping them overcome these obstacles and witnessing their success is incredibly fulfilling. Thank you, SANTS, for celebrating us.”

To all the teachers around the world, we celebrate you! Your dedication and hard work never go unnoticed. You’re shaping the future leaders of our world, and for that, we are truly grateful. Happy Teacher’s Day!

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