The Diploma equips students to become qualified Grade R teachers (Grade R). The purpose of the Diploma in Grade R Teaching is to provide for the needs of Grade R practitioners currently employed in the field. The diploma aims to develop resourceful, adaptable, pedagogically flexible, knowledgeable, proactive, and reflective teachers, specifically for Grade R teaching and learning within the South African contexts and realities. To this end, student teachers will become competent in educational theory and acquire the requisite disciplinary and pedagogical content knowledge essential for Grade R teaching and learning. Students will develop a thorough understanding of the holistic development of the child from birth, as well as an understanding of the ecological contexts and issues that shape children’s learning and experiences of school. Furthermore, this qualification serves as the articulation for existing Grade R practitioners who have been absorbed into the schooling system, to upgrade their qualifications in line with the minimum requirements for Grade R Teachers.

The Diploma in Grade R Teaching programme allows for vertical articulation only. The articulation provides teachers, who do not meet the requirements for entry into the Bachelor of Education programme, with the opportunity to proceed into a Bachelor of Education in the Foundation Phase Teaching programme. Teachers will receive recognition of their prior learning or recognition of cognate modules completed in their Diploma, upon application to the degree programme, up to 134 credits attained during their study in the Diploma programme.

The completed Diploma in Grade R Teaching qualification will be recognised for Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT), towards the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching programme. The Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching programme will increase the teachers’ chances of gaining employment in the public school sector.

The Diploma in Grade R Teaching is presented on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) exit Level 6 with minimum total credits of 360, earned over a minimum of three years. The Department of Higher Education and Training has approved and recognised this diploma, placing the qualification on a REQV 13. The programme is accredited by the Council on Higher Education; accreditation no. H/PR148/E013CAN. Furthermore, the diploma is registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) with ID: 112487.

CLOSING DATE: SANTS will have two intakes annually, namely a January and July intake. The closing date for admission in January will be 31 October of the previous year. The closing date for a July intake will be 31 May of that year.

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    Admission is through one of the following options as per programme approval by the Department of Higher Education and Training:

    a.       National Senior Certificate that meets the minimum requirements for admission to Diploma Studies, or a Completed Senior Certificate, prior to 2008, or a

    b.      National Certificate Vocational (NCV) meeting the following requirements:

    • At least 50% in three fundamental subjects, including the language of learning and teaching of the institution (English), and
    • At least 60% in four vocational subjects, chosen from NC (V) Level 4 subjects, or a

    c.       Early Childhood Development (ECD) NQF Level 4 or NQF level 5 certificate or Diploma in ECD may also be presented for admission.


    Tuition fees to study towards the Diploma in Grade R Teaching programme include all study material, assignments, tuition, examinations, and access to a student portal.

    Annual tuition fees for the first-year enrolment range from a minimum of R19 845 to a maximum of R21 390, depending on the language choices. Tuition fees are subject to change without prior notice due to the increase in costs to present the programme.

    Tuition fee payment options are available to accommodate the needs of individual students. Each payment option is related to a specified tuition fee payment date, which the student is required to rigidly adhere to. The two payment options available are:

    • Option 1: TWO equal Tuition fee instalments per semester; due dates 31 March and 31 August.
    • Option 2: TEN equal monthly The annual tuition fee will be divided into 10 equal payments and payable at the end of each month.

    Students who need to make alternative payment arrangements must contact SANTS before the commencement of a semester.

    Students are expected to pay a registration fee with the first enrolment in the programme and an annual re-registration fee for each new academic year thereafter. This fee is payable before the commencement of a new academic year. This registration and re-registration fee is deducted from the annual tuition fee payable.

    It should be noted that fees are charged per module. The rate per module will apply to students who have to repeat a specific module. If a student elects to enrol for fewer modules than the proposed semester structure, as might be the case for part-time students, the total tuition fees due in a given calendar year may vary from the amounts listed above.

    Applicants who apply for a student loan or bursary should apply for the total amount that includes the tuition and study material fees payable to the institution.

    * Please note:

    • Tuition fees are subject to change. In pursuit of providing affordable quality education, SANTS strive to limit tuition fee increases to the minimum but some increases in costs are unavoidable. It remains a student’s responsibility to remain informed of the respective tuition fees and increases.
    • The cost per module is fixed for a specific calendar year only and may vary in future years of study due to possible annual price increases.
    • Special Assessments: A nominal fee may apply when students are granted access to special assessments.



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