Diploma in Grade R Teaching

General Information

The Diploma in Grade R Teaching is presented on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) exit Level 6 with minimum total credits of 364, earned over a minimum of three years. The Department of Higher Education and Training has approved and recognised this diploma placing the qualification on a REQV 13. The programme is accredited by the Council on Higher Education; accreditation no. H/PR148/E013CAN. Furthermore, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) registered the diploma; qualification ID: 112487.

Duration: The minimum duration to complete this diploma on a full-time basis is three years while part-time study requires four years.

Closing date for new applications: The closing date for new applications is 30 November 2019 for enrolment in the first semester of 2020. Take note that space for the Diploma in Grade R Teaching is limited.

Programme Design

Home Language Competence and First Additional Language competence is developed throughout the programme. Communicative Competence in a third language is developed through a self- study programme and assessed at the end of the programme.

Admission Requirements

Admission is through one of the following options as per programme approval by the Department of Higher Education and Training:

a. National Senior Certificate that meets the minimum requirements for admission to Diploma programmes.

b. A pass in the Senior Certificate.

c. A National Certificate Vocational (NCV) meeting the following requirements:
• At least 50% in three fundamental subjects, including the language of learning and teaching of the institution (English); and
• At least 60% in four vocational subjects, chosen from the NC (V) level 4 subjects.

d. An Early Childhood Development (ECD) Level 4 or 5 certificate or Diploma in ECD may also be presented for admission and assessment pertaining to advanced credit standing.

Fees Payable

Tuition fees to study towards the Diploma in Grade R Teaching programme include all study material, assignments, tuition, examinations, and access to a student portal, as well as face-to-face academic support sessions. All students are expected to pay a registration fee with the first enrolment on the programme and an annual re-registration fee for each new academic year thereafter, which is payable before the commencement of a new academic year. This registration and re-registration fee is deducted from the annual tuition fee payable.

Three different tuition fee payment options are available to accommodate the needs of individual students. Each payment option is related to the date of payment to which the student must rigidly adhere. An early payment discount is offered to students who settle their tuition fee account timeously, as illustrated in Table 1. The three options available are:

Option 1: TWO equal instalments, one per semester; due dates 31 March and 31 August

Option 2: TWO equal instalments, one per semester; due dates 30 April and 30 September

Option 3: TEN equal monthly instalments; month end.

Table 1: Tuition fee structure

* The discounts offered to students will NOT be granted if any payment IS MADE AFTER THE DUE DATES listed in Table 1.

** Table 1 illustrates the fee structure of a student who completes the programme in three years.

It should be noted that fees are charged per module according to Table 2: Module fee structure. The rate per module will be applicable to students who have to repeat a specific module. If a student elects to enrol for fewer modules than the proposed semester structure, as might be the case for part-time students, the total tuition fees due in a given calendar year may vary from the amounts listed in Table 1: Tuition fee structure. However, the same discount formula will be applied if the criteria stipulated in Table 1 are met.

Applicants who apply for a student loan or bursary should apply for the total amount that includes the tuition and study material fees payable to the institution. The discounts offered will be credited to the student’s account in the event that a loan or bursary is paid on or before the payment due dates as in Table 1.

Table 2: Module Fee Structure

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