Diploma in Grade R Teaching

General Information

The Diploma in Grade R Teaching is the minimum qualification for Grade R teachers. The purpose of the Diploma in Grade R Teaching qualification is to develop resourceful, adaptable, pedagogically flexible, knowledgeable, proactive, and reflective teachers, specifically for Grade R teaching and learning within South African contexts and realities. The qualification requires in-depth specialisation of knowledge, as well as practical skills and experience in a Grade R classroom teaching context.

You as a student will become competent in educational theory, the requisite disciplinary knowledge, and pedagogical content knowledge essential for Grade R teaching and learning. You will develop a thorough understanding of the holistic development of the child from birth as well as an understanding of the ecological contexts and issues that shape learner’s learning and experiences of school. You gain experience in applying such knowledge and skills in the context of working with Grade R learners in a school and twelve weeks of supervised and assessed practical experience in Grade R classrooms is included in the programme.

The programme is grounded in principles of best practice and is responsive, in particular, to the needs of the diverse South African education system.

The 364 credit NQF Level 6 Diploma in Grade R Teaching is a recognised and approved qualification for employment in education by the Department of Higher Education and Training and has been evaluated on a REQV 13. The programme has been accredited by the Council on Higher Education. Accreditation No: H/PR148/E013CAN.

SAQA ID: To be confirmed.

DURATION:  Full time is a minimum of 3 years. Part-time is a minimum period of 4 years.


Programme Design

Home Language Competence and First Additional Language competence is developed throughout the programme. Communicative Competence in a third language is developed through a self- study programme and assessed at the end of the programme.

Admission Requirements

Admission is through one of the following options as per programme approval by the Department of Higher Education and Training:

a. National Senior Certificate that meets the minimum requirements for admission to Diploma programmes.

b. A pass in the Senior Certificate.

c. A National Certificate Vocational (NCV) meeting the following requirements:
• At least 50% in three fundamental subjects, including the language of learning and teaching of the institution (English); and
• At least 60% in four vocational subjects, chosen from the NC (V) level 4 subjects.

d. An Early Childhood Development (ECD) Level 4 or 5 certificate or Diploma in ECD may also be presented for admission and assessment pertaining to advanced credit standing.

Fees Payable

The tuition fee for the 1st year of study for the Diploma in Grade R Teaching programme is subject to confirmation upon commencement and will only be confirmed once the registration period opens for this programme. This includes all study material, assignments, tuition, examinations as well as face-to-face support sessions. In order to limit the financial burden to a student as much as possible, tuition fees can be paid in 4 instalments, spread out over each academic year. Alternatively, students can pay 12 monthly instalments. Students will, however, be responsible for the purchase of their own stationery throughout the programme.

It should be noted that fees are charged per module, so that if fewer modules are taken in a given year than listed in the total year (as would be the case for part-time students), the total in a given calendar year may be less, whereas if modules that have been failed and are registered for a second time, the fee for repeat modules will again be charged and increase the amount to be paid.

Applicants that are applying for a student loan or bursary should apply for a total amount that includes the tuition and study material fees payable to the institution.

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