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SANTS believes that all our students (or every student) should have access to appropriate and accessible academic support throughout their studies. SANTS has a well-structured and functional student support system, rather than specific student support services.

SANTS’ support system consists of the following components/elements:

1. Pre-entrance guidance and advice on the requirements of academic programmes , coordinated by academic staff in the Academic Department;
2. Curriculum-specific advice and guidance, coordinated by the Academic Department and implemented by tutors based at Student Support Centres;
3. In-text support in the form of well-designed, integrated study material;
4. Detailed, feedback on formative assessment tasks;
5. Summative feedback (reports) on student academic progress;
6. Early identification of, and support for underperforming and at-risk students;
7. Continuous monitoring of students’ attendance.

Students’ assessment results are captured by the Administration Department and communicated to the Academic Department. It is the responsibility of the Academic staff to analyse the assessment results and implement support via the tutor in the form of additional intervention activities or structured support session(s).

Although SANTS is a distance education institution, it has established SSCs in close proximity to students in order to provide a conducive learning environment and support from experienced, skilled and committed tutors.


SANTS’ training material informs students of the purpose of the Learning Programme and expected outcomes.

Tutor support during face-to-face contact sessions focuses on the facilitation of students’ ability to integrate the theoretical and practical components of the learning programme, as well as preparing students for assessment.

Communicative support given to students relates to general as well as specific programme provision issues and supports students throughout the duration of their study.

Guidance given to students is informed by the results of continuous assessment of students’ performance. . Students receive feedback so that they know exactly what they already know and still have to achieve.


Remedial measures are integrated into the overall assessment practice, which allows appropriate intervention and support for correction or rectification of deficiencies in a particular area of learning.

Tutors are in contact with their students at SSCs. In addition, tutors are accessible to the students during self-study times where they provide additional guidance and support. These sessions are scheduled on a time-table.


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