A Teacher’s Journey of Passion and Dedication
September 14, 2023

In the world of education, there are teachers, and then there are TEACHERS who leave a profound impact on young minds. Mrs. Nokuthula Nomthi Pakade undoubtedly falls into the latter category.

Her journey began in 2017 when she enrolled in the Diploma in Grade R Teaching program at SANTS Private Higher Education Institution. Little did she know, this was just the beginning of her transformation into the remarkable teacher she is today.

It was during her Workplace Integrated Learning (WIL) sessions that Mrs. Pakade began to hone her teaching skills. The experience of creating resources and meticulously preparing lesson plans proved to be vital in gaining the skills to teach.  The feedback she received was instrumental in shaping her teaching abilities.

Her dedication and hard work paid off as she successfully completed her Diploma in Grade R Teaching. Undeterred, she embarked on the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching programme, a testament to her unwavering passion for education.

As of March 2023, Mrs. Pakade is employed as a Grade R Teacher at the Grantham Park Primary School in Empangeni, KwaZulu- Natal. Her experience has reinforced her belief that each child is unique and that teachers must employ a variety of methods to cater to their individual needs. She wisely states, “Many children are sent to remedial schools when, with a bit of extra attention, they could thrive in mainstream education. It is important to prepare, plan, and practice as these elements provide a clear direction for effective teaching. Teachers should adapt their teaching according to each student’s intellectual level and capabilities, ensuring that no child is left behind. Above all, teaching is a passion for nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, rather than solely focusing on the benefits and monetary rewards”.

As she continues her pursuit of excellence in teaching, Mrs. Pakade’s undoubtedly leaves a lasting impact on the lives she touches, shaping the future one learner at a time. Let’s celebrate this incredible teacher who inspires us all!

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