Message to Students for the Upcoming Examination
October 24, 2023
Dear Student,

It is examination time again!

We understand that this might be a stressful time for many of you as there are unpredictable factors that can influence your performance. However, examination time can also be a positive experience. If you regard this as an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge gained and what you can do, we shall recognise the hours you have put into studying during the semester.

Please READ all the information that has been sent to you from the Administration Department. Your most important document is your Curriculum and Learning Guide (CLG) for each of your modules but also read all other documents available to you online. These are e.g. the Assessment Support Guidelines (ASG’s) and the additional resources uploaded for each module.

We rely on you to REMAIN honest. Always remember to write answers in your own words and submit your own work. DO NOT PLAGIARISE OR COPY!

For those of you who will be writing this examination as the final one in completing your qualification, best of luck! To all of you, may you understand that the examination is an opportunity to demonstrate your educational experiences and may you succeed in completing this semester in order to register for your next semester!

We look forward to walk with you on your academic journey and remain committed to supporting you to become the best possible TEACHER South Africa needs!

Prof Ina Joubert, Executive Academic Director

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