Celebrating world read-aloud day
February 9, 2024

SANTS Private Higher Education recently celebrated World Read-Aloud Day at the Nuwe Hoop School. Our dedicated lecturers took the opportunity to engage with the pre-primary school learners by reading enchanting childrenโ€™s books aloud.

The joy of reading was palpable as we immersed the young minds in captivating stories, creating an atmosphere of excitement and wonder. Witnessing the enthusiasm of the learners as they delved into the tales was truly inspiring.

In the spirit of fostering a love for literature, SANTS also proudly contributed to the cause by donating a collection of childrenโ€™s books, generously sponsored by NB Publishers. These resources will continue to spark the imaginations of the young readers at Nuwe Hoop School, encouraging a lifelong love for learning.ย 

At SANTS, we believe in the transformative power of education, and initiatives like World Read-Aloud Day allow us to make a positive impact on the lives of these young learners.

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