The Magic of Mathematics
December 7, 2023
Nonkuthalo Nguza’s incredible story isn’t just about teaching mathematics, but rather about the exciting adventure to turn the often-tricky subject into pure magic! Her passion for mathematics, sparked by her high school math teacher, is now been passed on to her learners.

“At first, I was sceptical about this whole thing and kept asking myself what SANTS is and if it was legit. However, as I got to enrol in the programme, I could see that it was legit. Through SANTS, I learned how to improvise and accommodate learners of different backgrounds, enrich and support them. All these lessons pushed me to be amongst the best teachers in South Africa!”

She believes in making mathematics not just understandable but exciting, using everyday objects to bring tricky concepts to life. “I want to instil the love for mathematics from the foundation phase so that we have more students doing qualifications that will make them more employable!”

To aspiring teachers, she urges: “Love teaching with your whole heart. The field is very challenging. I am fulfilled knowing that the knowledge imparted to these kids makes them successful people in the future. Love your kids and be patient. Always remember that these precious kids come from different backgrounds. Be passionate about teaching; you are making a huge difference in someone’s life.”

SANTS bursts with pride to be a part of Nonkuthalo Nguza’s extraordinary journey. She’s not just teaching mathematics, but conveying her love for this subject to her learners. Her story is a testament to SANTS’s commitment to shaping extraordinary teachers who are changing the lives of learners for the better. Nonkuthalo’s success is living proof that with passion and dedication, anyone can transform the world of learning into a captivating adventure!